Friday, October 8, 2010

selfish intentions

This weight loss thingy has been such an incredible experience for me. I am not an attention-seeker. In school I always sat as far back as I could, and didn't volunteer to answer questions, even when I knew the answer. I have never been motivated to lose weight for anyone but myself. My hubby was supportive and encouraging, but he always made sure that I knew he loved me, and thought I was beautiful, just the way I was. So, when I started out it was a very personal thing. Just me, losing my weight. Then, people started to notice. My mom was very impressed. When I was about half-way through, she decided to join me. She now has lost 22 pounds, and is teaching herself how to run. Her sister joined us a few weeks after Mom did. She has lost about 15 pounds. I have people at church come and sit beside me and ask me questions. They ask for tips, share their frustrations and just generally look for hope and motivation. And, lots of these are people I don't really know. Now, I love the idea that maybe I have something that can help people. I understand perfectly how it feels to be out of control. To know you need to change, but can't convince yourself that it's possible. I want to share my story in the hopes that perhaps someone will find something in it that they can use.

I would advise anyone trying to lose weight to look carefully at their intentions. Are you losing weight for you, or for others? There's not really any right or wrong answers. It is perfectly acceptable to want to lose weight so you can be there for your kids- you're doing this for them. But, make sure that whatever your reasons, you are the one who wants you to lose weight. Don't go on a diet because someone else thinks you need to. Even if that person is your doctor. They may be right. But, it's not going to work until you decide you need and want to lose weight. Nobody can pull the weight off your body for you. It's your body, and you alone decide what happens to it.


  1. i have always wanted to lose weight in a more competitive way (my sister in law is pretty skinny). i have never had a huge desire to do it for myself. Right now we are going to a gym and still I don't have a huge desire, but I am working on it..

  2. The point, Katie, is to lose weight because YOU want to, for whatever reason. If being competitive is what it takes for you, go for it! Just don't go to the gym because somebody else is forcing you, it doesn't work that way.