Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's an eat-a-thon day

Do you ever have days where it seems all you can think about is food? I'm having one of those today. Doesn't seem to matter whether I'm happy or sad, busy or bored, these days just happen every once in a while. I have noticed they happen a lot less now that I'm learning some new habits, but they haven't gone away.

So, today I woke up starving. I found some leftover apple pancakes in the freezer. Had those. Still starving. I rationalized that maybe caffeine would help, so I went to grab a Diet Dr. Pepper from my neighborhood fast food establishment. I ended up getting a breakfast meal with the drink. AHH! Why did I do that? I don't know, but it didn't stop the cravings. I did manage to only eat half the meal and throw the rest away. That's slightly better. The main problem I see is that I'm not craving anything particular. If that was the case, I would simply eat some of what I was craving. Then maybe I could get on with my day. But, I'm just craving food in general. If someone sat me down in front of a Thanksgiving buffet complete with desserts, I would want all of it.

I have had hundreds of these kinds of days. I used to spend days like this eating, literally, all day long. Then, when I started being successful at losing weight I started really thinking about cravings like this. I noticed that no matter what I eat on an eat-a-thon day it's never enough! I realized that I can eat everything in sight, and the cravings will not go away. So, I can eat, feel guilty, and still want more. Or, I can not eat, feel better about my choice, and still want more. Huh.

It takes a ton of will power to fight these cravings all day, but the day will pass no matter what I choose to do with it. Really, the same goes for any kind of craving, be it an all-day one or not.

This, too, shall pass.


  1. If your like me, maybe one serving of meat will stabilize your blood sugar and stop the cravings. But I'm hypoglycemic. You may be having a different issue. Best of luck, Angela