Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have made a discovery.  I love, repeat, love fitness classes.  Who knew?  I come out of an hour-long workout thinking "You know, there is no way in heck I would have stuck with that workout for that long if I had been on my own".  About twenty minutes in I would be done.  I love that having other people there, sweating with me, not giving up, makes me keep going.  Nothing like a little peer pressure.  :)
So far I have been to The Ultimate Workout, and Mat Pilates.  Both of which ate my lunch.  Big time.  After the first Ultimate Workout class my quads (the front of my thighs, for those not into anatomical terms) were so sore that I couldn't walk right for about three days.  After that I learned that I don't have to do all the repetitions of all the exercises in class, and I still get a fabulous workout.  I'm still sore, but not to the point where I'm incapacitated. 
I'm working up to going to an hour-long class three times a week. Right now I'm up to twice a week.  My poor, out-of-shape body is slowly adjusting.

Much as I love the classes, it is kind of hard not to get a complex watching the instructors- I've never spent a lot of time around such obviously buff, built people.  It makes me feel extra soft.  But so far that just motivates me to keep going.   

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