Monday, June 11, 2012

Tanya speaks:

 My good friend, Tanya, wrote the following post.  Tanya and I were best friends in high school (back when we had no idea how good we looked :) ).  

I share the struggle of battling with weight and I'm convinced many do and I bet it's mostly women--we are super busy, trying to be super moms, dealing with stress any way we can and we usually take care of ourselves last of all. I know that most of those things are not bad, but it helps me remember that we really do have a lot on our plates and we just need to hang in there, do our best, and feel good about who we are--not in the future, but right now.

From childhood I remember comparing my body to everyone else's. As a teenager I always wanted to be the skinny cute girl. I wanted to wear the size X jeans. And even when I was trim, I still did not think I was thin or even average.

Now it's four kids later. But I think that once I hit thirty I got a bit more realistic and kinder to myself. I decided that instead of having a goal to weigh X pounds, or wear size X jeans, I would try to focus on BEING HEALTHY. I want to exercise to be healthy. I want to eat food that is good for my body. I want to be healthy for life--not just until I reach a certain weight. Eating well and exercising regularly makes me happier. I feel better about myself because I am taking care of myself. Exercise is therapeutic. It is the perfect outlet for stress.

Just because I want to eat healthy does not mean that I won't eat treats or occasional things that are not all that healthy. I love cooking and really only want to eat foods that taste good.
SO, I try to cook reasonably healthy meals and make sure that fruits and vegetables are key players. But I do not deny myself treats-- like Dove Promise Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Swirls--my favorite! I just have to not go crazy with the treats. I am trying to be realistic here. If I denied myself treats or my favorite foods until I got to X pounds, I would not stay at that weight for long. It's no fun not eating good food! So my solution is just to be practical. I know myself. I will exercise. I will try to mostly eat healthy. And I will have a treat too.

I'm no nutritionist. I'm no doctor. I am a 31-year-old wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister. So maybe my philosophy is wrong, but I don't feel bad about it. I try to exercise 4 or 5 days a week. It makes me feel good that I'm taking care of my body by getting some exercise. And I like knowing that I primarily put healthy things into my body and into my husband and kids. And I am very happy about not denying myself a good treat now and then. And I will do my best to not compare my body to anyone else's. I will focus on taking care of ME and MY BODY.

My message is not to aim low, but to find a realistic goal for your own life. I can live with the goal of being healthy.

Isn't she wise and awesome?  Thanks, Tanya, for your thoughts!

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